Postal Savings Bank participates in the domestic and foreign exchange market through its Foreign Exchange Trading Department, using the most modern infrastructure. The Foreign Exchange Trading Department manages the Bank's foreign exchange position, takes care of exposure to foreign exchange risk, and takes appropriate positions for the purpose of better management of excess liquidity.

FX Spot (preferential exchange rate) – classic purchase and sale of foreign exchange at a preferential exchange rate with the settlement period of up to two business days from the date of the transaction. Depending on whether you have foreign currency inflows or payments abroad, you can arrange the purchase and sale of foreign currency at a more favourable exchange rate if you call our dealers and thereby achieve significant savings. Client orders are executed in the shortest time possible and with maximum security.

Trading in foreign cash means arranging the purchase and sale of foreign cash for the needs of the bank in order to maintain the optimal amount of cash in the bank's vaults and cash registers throughout the Republic of Serbia. For authorized exchange offices, we offer the purchase of foreign cash at favourable exchange rates.


For further information please call 011/3024-683; 3024-198 or e-mail at treasury@posted.co.rs