Access to information of public importance

Within the meaning of the Law on Free Access to Information of Public Importance (The RS Official Gazette Nos. 120/2004, 54/2007, 104/2009, 36/2010 and 105/2021) (hereinafter referred to as: the Law), Postal Savings Bank, joint-stock company, Belgrade (hereinafter referred to as: the Bank) has been recognized as a public authority. The Bank wants to make available information of public importance to any interested person, in the manner and under the conditions provided for under the Law.

By having an insight into the Bulletin about the work of the Bank you may find information about the work of the Bank as a public authority.


If you want to submit a written request for exercising the right to access information of public importance, you can do that as follows:

  • in free form, indicating the following: full name of the Bank, your name and surname/name and address, as well as the precise description of the information you are requesting;
  • filling in the form of the Bank by entering the requested data in the fields provided for that.
Form (.pdf 263KB)

You can submit the request:

  • to the following e-mail address: or
  • by sending it to the mailing address of Postal Savings Bank, joint-stock company, Belgrade, indicating the following: Za lica ovlašćena za rešavanje o zahtevima za slobodan pristup informacijama od javnog značaja (For the persons authorized for making decisions on the requests for free access to information of public importance).