Post Card cobrand with DinaCard

Post Card is a brand of Postal Savings Bank and a cobrand with DinaCard, a national debit payment card and a RSD current account identification card.

You may use DinaCard Post Card debit payment card to pay for goods and services, and the withdraw cash at locations in Serbia displaying DinaCard logo.


Paying with DinaCard Post Card has all the advantages of paying by check, but it is much faster and easier.

Who can take advantage of making a purchase in installments?

Persons employed for an indefinite period of time and pensioners who hold a RSD current account with Postal Savings Bank are entitled to make purchases in installments using their DinaCard Post Card.

How to make a purchase in installments?

In order to take advantage of payment in installments, the user has to choose the number of installments at the point of sale providing the service.
The minimum purchase amount required for making a payment in installments is defined by the merchant's policy.

SMS notification on installments

Clients who use the Bank's SMS notification service will receive a free message about the due date of the installment for the purchase made with the DinaCard Post Card one day prior to the due date.

Advantages of payment in installments:

No charges or interests for making purchases in installments

No impact on the credit rating

No hidden costs

Total amount may be divided into 1-6 installments

Payment in equal monthly installments

The user chooses the number of installments at the time of purchase

The first installment is due in 30 days

No annual membership fee for the primary card holder

Over 6,000 Point of Sale locations throughout Serbia

Faster and easier substitute for checks

Point Of Sale (POS)

Conditions for installment payment

Current account funds are not being reserved at the time of purchase. Instead, the account is debited on each installment due date at which time the user needs to make sure there are sufficient funds in the account for the payment of the installment.

When making payments with DinaCard Post Card, the total amount of the purchase cannot exceed the monthly amount of a salary/pension, and the total amount of all installments in one month must not exceed 30% of the salary/pension.

It is recommended that users contact the Bank prior to making a purchase in installments in order to obtain information regarding the available funds in their accounts and their purchase limits.

Check your installment purchase limit at Homeb@nking

You can check the maximum amount and approved monthly debit when making a purchase in installments with DinaCard Post Card by using the internet banking system of Postal Savings Bank.


An average monthly income in the amount of RSD 30,000 with a maximum possible amount of monthly debit (30%) in the amount of RSD 9,000 for purchases in installments is used for the calculation provided in this example.

The table shows an example of two purchases made in installments during one month.

Total purchase value

Number of installments

Monthly installment amount

Remaining available amount for the month

RSD 6,000


RSD 1,000

RSD 8,000

RSD 9,000


RSD 3,000

RSD 5,000

User's monthly installment purchase limit is reset upon full payment of the installment purchase.